Youth Business Caribbean

Who We Are

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Youth Business Caribbean is a community of organisations supporting young entrepreneurs throughout the region. We currently operation the in following countries, Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. All members of Youth Business Caribbean are accredited members of the Youth Business International Network.

The Barbados Youth Business Trust (BYBT) supports young entrepreneurs by providing financial assistance, training, on-going business advice and marketing support. The secret of The Trust’s success is that every new business is assigned a Business Mentor – a volunteer who provides support, encouragement and advice to help the business succeed. The Trust also provides marketing and sales opportunities, including subsidized space at exhibitions, informing young entrepreneurs about training opportunities, providing grants for marketing research, educational and go and see opportunities.

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The Dominica Youth Business Trust (DYBT) has a strong training component which forms a compulsory element of their model. The four-week Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) includes a one-week Achievement Motivation Training (AMT) and three weeks of Entrepreneurship Development Program sessions. A special two-day workshop is compulsory for young applicants who are already in business and satisfy the basic requirements. This facility is referred to as the Small Business Assistance Facility (SBAF). A special facility has been put in place for Business students of the Dominica State College upon submission of their business plans and completion of the Achievement Motivation Training.

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The Jamaica Youth Business Trust (JYBT) provides mentoring, training, support and start-up capital, along with advisory and networking opportunities to young entrepreneurs. JYBT supports young entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, based in both rural and urban areas across the island. JYBT is a lender of last resort in a challenging environment. Out of a population of 3 million, Jamaica has 127,000 unattached young people: people between the ages of 15 and 24 who are not in education, employment or training.

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Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago (YBTT) helps young persons to work for themselves by providing access to loans, entrepreneurial training and business mentorship. YBTT offers sup-port throughout the whole process of business creation, providing Networking Opportunities, Mentoring, Training and Loans. Potential entrepreneurs inquiring YBTT’s services are invited to YBTT’s Entrepreneurial Training Programme, which after completion, they can access other services such as loans and mentoring. All Funded Entrepreneurs are assigned to a volunteer business mentor who works with the entrepreneur to enhance their business plan and in-crease the likelihood of success. Entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

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