The Case Study of Usain Bolt

The Case Study of Usain Bolt

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Forever the Fastest – Powered by Puma

Bolt, known as the fastest man in the world, has trademarked his name and his signature “Lightning Bolt” pose. He even has an emoji
he is the only track and field athlete to make the top 100 sports stars

How is that an average sprinter only make 32K per year? An Usian nets over 35 million per year?
There have been previous sprint sensations, but is what is it about BOLT that makes him so distinct?

Bolt’s BRAND supersedes him – meaning he not only pockets the top prize earning, but he also attracts an appearance fee.

Bolt’s race business model = Race winnings + Appearance Fee
For E.g World Championship Gold 55k + 250 K

Bolt has skillfully managed to transform himself into a celebrity athlete with his larger than life energy & charisma. Puma has even adopted the Jamaican’s ‘ light-heartedness’ instead of the Germanic approach of technical supremacy. His long kit sponsor deal is worth a $10 million per year.

His latest ambassadorship to an e-scooter company – Bolt launched in New York. His brand and name.

Bolt has a world-class management team spearheaded by Ricky Simms.
Simms coordinates Team Bolt, a network of the sprinter’s best friends and experts who together ensure Bolt makes the most of his talent and fame, on the track and commercially. Gina Ford takes responsibility for the brand partnerships, school friend Nugget Walker looks after Bolt’s daily needs, and Norman Peart manages his finances. Coach Glen Mills is in charge on the track, whilst local PE teacher Everald Edwards is his masseur.

Things to think about with regards to your Brand:

  • What is your brand X-Factors?
  • How can you develop WIN-WIN relationships to boost your brand?
  • What does your current brand represent?
  • If your brand were a stock would be a Fortune 500 or a penny stock?
  • Do you have a brand strategy?