Youth Business Caribbean Unites Forces to Empower Young Entrepreneurs Across the Region

Youth Business Caribbean Unites Forces to Empower Young Entrepreneurs Across the Region

In a monumental step towards fostering a thriving ecosystem for young entrepreneurs, Youth Business Caribbean (YBC) has officially formalized its collaboration through a signed charter agreement. This landmark initiative brings together six leading youth business programmes – Anguilla Youth Business Foundation (AYBF), BYBT, Dominica Youth Business Trust (DYBT), Jamaica Youth Business Trust (JYBT), St. Lucia Youth Business Trust (SLYBT), and Youth Business Trinidad & Tobago (YBTT) – under a unified vision for the future.

The YBC Charter outlines a shared commitment to:

    • Guide YBC strategy: Delivering impactful programs and resources for young entrepreneurs across the Caribbean.
    • Embrace digital: Enhance collaboration and communication, building a connected network.
    • Deepen collaboration: Share best practices, resources, and information to strengthen local programs and unify the region.
    • Champion youth entrepreneurship: Advocate for wider access to support, enabling young people to launch successful businesses.
    • Empower YBC members: Enhance their capabilities to deliver top-notch support to young entrepreneurs throughout the region.
    • Grow the network: Welcome new Caribbean organizations to join the movement, enriching its impact.
“This charter marks a defining moment for youth entrepreneurship in the Caribbean. By uniting our expertise and passion through YBC, we’re generating a powerful wave of entrepreneurial energy that will transform the region, one young changemaker at a time.” ~ Shedron Collins, General Manager of Youth Business Trinidad & Tobago and Chair of the YBC Committee for 2024.
Left to Right: Phillip Rolle, Coordinator, DYBT; Shedron Collins, General Manager, YBTT; Cardelle Fergusson, General Manager, BYBT; Fabian Isaac, Coordinator, SLYBT; Clemvio Hodge, Chairperson, AYBF.

The YBC Committee, comprised of representatives from each member programme, will guide the network’s strategic direction and oversee the implementation of key initiatives. Through regular meetings, information sharing, and collaborative working groups, YBC will ensure effective coordination and maximized impact.

“We at YBI are delighted to support our members in their collective ambition to advance youth entrepreneurship in the Caribbean, which is now recognised through the Youth Business Caribbean charter. Entrepreneurship is a transformative option to unlock income generation.  Through entrepreneurship, we know that young people can achieve economic security and independence.” ~ Anita Tiessen, CEO, Youth Business International

This united front signifies a major leap forward for youth entrepreneurship in the Caribbean. With a strengthened regional network, access to essential resources and expertise, and unwavering support, young people will have the tools and confidence to thrive.

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About Youth Business Caribbean

Youth Business Caribbean (YBC) is a network of independent organizations and programmes supporting young people who want to build their entrepreneurial skills and businesses in the Caribbean. YBC strives to strengthen the ecosystem for young entrepreneurs in the region through collaboration, resource sharing, and advocacy.

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Youth Business International (YBI) leads a global network of enterprise support organisations and together we focus on sustainable and inclusive youth entrepreneurship, equipping underserved young people with the ability to start, scale and sustain businesses. For more on YBI, visit: